Terms and conditions


Below are the terms and conditions applying to the use of the Confitur.net service by the users, regardless of the user's profile (conference organizer, speaker, participant, ...).


This summary introduces the sections of the present agreement. In case of difference of interpretation between this summary and the detailed mentions within the sections, the detailed clauses take precedence.

Commitment and liability
Registering to the platform or adding a conference implies your full acceptance of the present terms.
Services provided
Presentation of the services provided by the confitur.net platform: a set of web tools designed to help organize conferences.
Changes to the terms and conditions
The current terms and conditions can be modified without warning, but will be enforced only six weeks after the users have been notified of the changes.
Evolution of the service
The features of the service will constantly evolve, in order to better serve the general goal of the platform and the needs of the users.
Your account
You must provide correct information about yourself, and you are solely liable for the way your account is used, in respect to the present terms and applicable law. Your account can be suspended in case of violation.
Usage of the service
You must respect the law and present terms. Your are solely responsible for the content you make available through the service. Your use of the service must fit into the general goal of the platform.
Liability of conference organizers
Conference organizers are liable for all information they publish related to their conference through the platform, especially information published on the website, the program, the call for papers and the options and pricing of registration.
Liability and commitments of Sylogix
Sylogix, as developer and hosting manager of the platform, is bound by an obligation of means to ensure the quality and security of the service, according to the current state of the art in the field. The service can be interrupted without warning, for any reason, with no implication for any form of compensation towards the users. Your personal data will never be transmitted to any third party.
Prices and sign-up
Signing up to the platform is free of charge. Registering a conference is also free of charge, but the tools available or limited in features and/or quantitative limits are applied. These limitations can be lifted or modified by subscribing to paying plans or options. Payment must be made in euros by bank transfer.
Reporting abuse or unlawful use
If you have knowledge of any abusive or unlawful usage of the platform, you must contact the user support. We will comply with content takedown requests according to applicable legal regulations.
Reporting malfunctions or security issues
As soon as you gain knowledge of any malfunction or security breach of the platform, you must contact the user support. You will not be prosecuted for the proof of concept you may present to the support team, unless you used the breach for personal gain or any form of illicit use.
Standard legal provision stating that if any term of the contract is not valid it will be removed from the contract without affecting the other terms.
Applicable law and jurisdiction
The only applicable law for the present terms is the French law. Any legal action must be submitted to the commercial court of Toulouse, France.
Adverstising and promotion
We may mention (by name and caracteristics) any conference hosted on confitur.net, during our commercial actions or in any promotional material. If specifically requested by the organizers of a conference, mentions of their conference will be anonymized.

Commitment and liability

By using the services provided by the Confitur.net platform (hereafter called "the service" or "the platform"), you represent and warrant that you have read the present conditions and that you will abide by them. If you do not agree with the present terms and conditions, you should not use the service.

Accepting the terms and conditions is explicitly required when signing up as well as when creating a new conference.

If while signing up or creating a new conference you act as a representative of a legal entity (institution, company, etc.), you hereby warrant that you have all appropriate powers of representation of this entity while using the service.

When creating a new conference on the platform, you warrant that ou have all appropriate powers of representation of the organizing committee of the conference to do so.

Services provided

The company Sylogix (see legal information at the end of this document) provides, through the Confitur.net platform, a set of online management and hosting services aimed at facilitating the organization of events such as conferences, symposiums, workshops, etc. The proposed tools are accessible to any user with an active account on the platform. They cover, among other things, the following features: website publication, collection of papers, building and publishing the program, online registrations.

Some tools or services may be subject to limitations or be available only by subscribing through a paid package or option (see below "Billing and subscription conditions").

One-time peripheral services can also be proposed, and will be subject to a separate and specific contract.

Changes to terms and conditions

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without warning. Any change to the terms and conditions will be notified to all registered users, either by email or directly through the interface of the platform. The new terms and conditions will be enforced six weeks after notification.

Changes to the service

The service is in constant evolution. We therefore reserve the right to change features at any time without warning and without any effect to these terms and conditions, which will remain enforceable without interruption.

Changes to the service aim at improving and expanding the features, without altering the general purpose of the platform (see above 'Services provided').

The new features or altered features are automatically covered by these terms and conditions. In case new or altered features imply new terms of use specifically targeted at the new feature, such terms will be immediately applicable, without the six week delay prescribed in the above article "Changes to terms and conditions".

Your account

You do not need to sign up to visit the public pages published by the organizers of a conference. However, most tools of the service require the activation of a personal user account on the Confitur.net platform.

When signing up on the service, you will be asked for your email address and full name, as well as a password. Your email address will be used as your unique identifier to sign in on the platform. You also have the possibility to attach more email addresses to your account.

When creating a new account on the platform, you must provide a valid email address and your real legal denomination (first name and last name).

When your account is being activated through an invitation procedure (i.e. you have been added as a staff member or committee member by the organizers), some data are already pre-filled. You remain however the only person authorized to activate your account and access the platform in your name.

You are solely responsible for the confidentiality and the security of your identification information, and remain fully and solely liable for all activity coming from your user account.

Sharing one account between several persons is forbidden. Every person must use its own user account to access the platform.

If you have reasons to suspect that your account has been used in an illicit manner by a third party, you must inform the user support team in written form and change your password immediately.

We reserve the right to suspend any user account whose activity on the platform is in breach of these terms and conditions or any law applicable to the service.

You can revoke your account by contacting the support team. All personal information will be deleted. If you are associated to a conference on the platform in any way, your full name and affiliation may remain present in relevant listings within this conference until it is deleted from the platform. Please note that some data associated to your account may be kept in order to fullfil any applicable legal obligation (this disposition especially covers the archiving of your connection logs).

In accordance with the French law, article "informatique et libertés" dated January 6th, 1978, modified in 2004, you have the right to access and modify the personal data attached to your account on the platform. You may do so by contacting the support team.

Your use of the service

You warrant to use the service in accordance with these terms and conditions, as well as with applicable laws.

Unless explicitly mentioned on the interface of the platform, the data you transfer and/or publish on the service remain your property. Please note however that conference organizers may, if necessary, specify different conditions implying transfers of rights for documents and data they receive through the service. If in doubt, please contact the organizers before submitting any document on the platform.

You are solely liable for any content you make accessible to third parties through the service. You explicitly agree to not publish or transmit any content that would breach the French law or could, in a general manner, expose you to prosecution (defamation, insults, incitement to violence, children pornography, threats, false information, etc.). You also agree to not publish or transmit any content for which you do not own the rights or any suitable authorization, implying a violation of applicable intellectual property rights.

Your use of the communication tools within the service must remain within the general aim of the platform usage, and hence be related to the organization or participation to a conference or event. Sending any form of spam message through the service will result in the immediate suspension of your account and may lead to prosecution.

The disk space put at your disposable is not limited in an absolute manner, but it must be used in a reasonable way corresponding to the scale of your conference. We remain sole responsible of the definition of what constitutes a 'reasonable use'; however, if we observe any unreasonable use, we will contact you and make a service offer corresponding to your needs. We will only intervene directly if you fail to answer within 72h or if there is any direct threat to our infrastructure (saturation of bandwidth, disk space, etc.).

You cannot resell the service or engage in any form of commercial activity related to the service, either directly or indirectly. Only Sylogix, its branches or contracted partners may do so.

You shall defend and hold harmless Sylogix or any of its reprensentatives (employees, directors, agents, shareholders, contractors, etc.) against any claim, demand, suit or proceeding made or brought against Sylogix by a third party alleging that your content (content that you transmit, publish store or modify through the platform) or your use of the service infringes on the intellectual property rights of a third party or violates applicable law. You shall indemnify Sylogix for any damages finally awarded against Sylogix, as well as for reasonable attorney's fees incurred.

You understand and recognize that the use of the service implies the transmission of information through different third party networks and systems because of the way the internet works, and that the failing of such third party systems or networks may induce service interruption in a manner totally independent from Sylogix.

Liability of conference organizers

As an conference organizer (defined by your belonging to the organizing committee of a conference registered on the platform), you have a wide control over the tools available through the use of the service. The terms below emphasize several ways in which your liability is especially exposed. This list of not exhaustive and is only illustrative, as you remain liable for all your actions on the platform, as per the general dispositions written above.

You are liable for the content published on the pages (public and private) of your conference. Unless explicitely mentioned otherwise, the director of publication is considered to be the chairman of the organizing committee of the conference.

You warrant that the information regarding your conference is accurate (especially time and place).

When setting up online registrations, you define the registration options and prices. Through these options, you are contractually committed with the participants registering for the conference. Therefore you shall be especially careful when setting up the registration prices, types and conditions of discounts, number of available places and registration deadlines.

When adding other users to your conference (as organizer, committee member, speaker or participant), these users will receive an email notification inviting them activate their account to get access to the service and the conference; in order to avoid sending messages considered as spam, you warrant that you will add users in this way only for people who have given their consent to participate in the conference and use the platform. You also understand and acknowledge that some people might refuse to connect to the service (by refusing these terms and conditions or for any other reason).

In general, you acknowledge that the service is only a set of tools and as such does not in any way relieve you of your responsibilities as organizer, towards your partners and the public of your conference.

Online payments

We may provide on the platform a set of tools allowing conference organizers to collect payments for the registration fees of their conference. These tools are only available for conference organizers with a current valid legal existence as a moral person.

The online payment feature is provided through an implementation of the technical interface (API) of one or several payment gateways. In order to use this feature, you must register yourself as a merchant with one of our supported payment gateway providers, and will be contractually bound to this payment gateway provider for all purposes regarding online payment collection. Once your merchant account is activated, you must enter your API key(s) in Confitur and activate online payments for your conference.

All payments are made directly from the conference participants to the conference organizers through the payment gateway. As technical providers of the Confitur platform, we will never receive any money directly from conference participants. Nor will we ever store or collect in any way payment information provided by the participants. The only data stored in Confitur relates to the transaction details (reference, date, amount, currency, client).

Accepted forms of payments may vary depending on the payment gateway provider.

Before proposing a payment gateway, we take some steps to make sure that everything within Confitur complies with the terms and conditions of the payment gateway provider. However, this does not prevent you from fullfilling your contractual obligations as stipulated in your contract between you and the payment gateway provider. In particular, you must mention on your conference website all legal information concerning the entity collecting the payments as well as refund terms in case of cancellation. Registration pack descriptions must clearly state what is covered or not covered by the fees charged, and leave no ambiguity.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your usage of the online payment feature on Confitur if we have any reason to suspect fraud, misuse or any usage of this feature that would not respect the present terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of the payment gateway provider used.

Usage of the online payment feature on Confitur will be invoiced according to our public pricelist or separately agreed price, in addition to the fees charged by the payment gateway provider (which you will pay directly).

Conference organizers are aware that the prices defined on registration packs are the charged fees to the participants. The use of the online payment feature of Confitur does not exempt organizers from their accounting obligations, especially regarding VAT.

Liability and commitments of Sylogix

We commit ourselves to take all necessary measures to provide a service of quality conform with the state of the art in the profession. To this end, we are only subjected to an obligation of means.

We commit ourselves to maintain the service at the highest level of quality and to intervene at latest the next business following a technical incident preventing access or normal use of the service (the time to resolve the incident may be longer, depending on its origin). We provide at all times a secured http connection to the service (HTTPS), with an SSL certificate exclusively used by Sylogix.

We reserve the right to suspend or interrupt the service without warning, with no liability to you or any third party, whatever the cause and duration of the interruption of the service.

We do not ever transmit your data to any third party, with the only exception of legal injunctions from a court of law having jurisdiction over the service.

We are not liable for the actions of third parties or the presence of content uploaded to the service by the users of the service.

We are not liable to you or any third party if your use of the service leads to (on your side) a loss of profit, customers, data stored on the platform or any other direct or indirect damages for any reason. You are solely responsible of taking appropriate measures to limit your prejudice whenever it is discovered.

Billing and subscription conditions

Creating a user account on the platform is free of charge.

Registering a conference on the platform is free of charge, with potential feature limitations or usage volume barriers.

Any conference registered on the service must be limited in time, for a duration of six months at most. For recurring events, you must therefore register on the platform one new conference per occurrence.

After registering a conference, you may upgrade your usage plan and/or subscribe to complementary options, in order to lift or change the limitations of the free plan.

The upgrade plans and generic options are introduced with their price on the public pages of the service. One-time complementary services can be proposed, upon request, by contacting the support team or sales services.

Subscribing to an upgraded plan or a paying option will generate an invoice according to the prices presented when confirming the subscription. Subscribing to an upgraded plan or paying option can be done online by a conference chairman (by default the user who registers the conference on the platform), or through a written contract established outside of the platform between Sylogix and any legal representative of the organizer of the conference.

When subscribing to an upgraded plan or option implies invoicing, extra billing information will be requested, in order to satisfy legal and fiscal obligations (invoiced entity and complete address; VAT registration number; business register identification, etc.).

Invoice payment must be done by bank transfer in euros (EUR).

When subscribing to an upgraded plan or option, these are immediately activated, unless stated otherwise. If the corresponding invoice is not paid by the deadline written on the invoice, the plan or option will be suspended until payment is received.

Reporting abuse

If you observe abusive or illicit use of the service, you must contact the support team in written form as soon as possible.

Content removal requests because of intellectual property violations will only be treated if they comply with the notification rules stated in the article 6.I.5 of the law for trust in digital economy (LCEN, 2004). Such notification must mention the notification date, complete personnal information of the notifier as a private person (name, address, contact information...) and complete business social information for legal entities (adequate commercial registration information, address, contact information...), name and complete address of the notified entity, detailed description of the source of contention with precise localization, reasons for the request of content removal and its legal ground, copy of all correspondance sent to the author or editor of the content or a justification of why the author or editor could not be contacted.

Upon receiving a valid content removal request, Sylogix will make contact with the authors or editors of the content and forward the notification in its entirety, after which they can formulate remarks or bring counter claims within 48h. After this delay expires and depending on if no counter claim has been made, the disputed content will be removed from the service.

Reporting security issues

If you observe or have knowledge of malfunctions of the service, whether or not it implies a security threat to its users, you must immediately contact the support team.

When you report a security issue, we will not prosecute you if you present a proof of concept exploitation of the issue you report, unless you have used the issue for personal gain or illicit activity or any other goal other than proving to us the reality of the problem.

In order to limit the potential damages caused by the malfunctions, you warrant that you will keep confidential all information related to the existence and exploitation of the malfunction, until it has been fixed by the developers of the platform.


Should one or more provisions of these terms of use be found to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, such provision(s) shall be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and/or enforceability of the remaining provisions, which will remain in full force and effect.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The French law is the only law applicable to these terms and conditions, excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and excluding the principles of conflict of laws (international private law). You hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Toulouse, France for resolution of any dispute, action or proceeding arising in connection with this agreement.

Advertising and promotion

We may make references to any conference registered on the platform in our commercial actions or any sort, as well as on specialized publications, business events, on our website, etc. However, upon request from the organizers of a conference, we will totally anonymize any mention of their conference.

Complementary information

Sylogix is a company registered on the commercial register of Toulouse, France, under the following immatriculation: 522 421 213 00011. The headquarters of the company are located 19 rue Jean Mermoz, 31100 Toulouse, France. You will find all relevant contact information on the following web page: http://www.sylogix.net/contact

If after reading these terms of use you need some clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact the support team by email at the following address: support@confitur.net